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Gustin's Stranghold On Dirt Knights Tour Continues After Britt

Gustin's Stranghold On Dirt Knights Tour Continues After Britt

On Tuesday Night, the Hancock County Speedway hosted the Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour during the Hancock County District Fair. All time series leader Richie Gustin continues his strangle hold on the 2019 tour by grabbing his 11th career Tour Win and his third win in as many races this season.

Seventy-five cars checked in for the Tuesday Night Race including Thirty-One Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour IMCA Modifieds, 16 House Motorsports IMCA Sport Mods, 13 Quick Performance IMCA Stock Cars and 15 MPM Marketing IMCA Hobby Stocks. Colby Fett, Kyle Brown and Cody Nielsen nabbed the support class features.

House Motorsports IMCA Sport Mods 15 lap feature event lead off feature racing action but before an official lap was scored the caution came out for Nicholas Carpenter in turn four. Johnathon Logue inherited the front row and he took full advantage by jumping out to the race lead. The caution came out again on lap two when Josh Appel and Ariel Mueller get together in turn four. Logue held on to the lead on the bottom side meanwhile Nate Whitehurst and Colby Fett took to the top side. Logue, Whitehurst and Fett got into a three car battle for the race lead. Fett grabbed the top spot on lap 11 and pulled away to take his second win in 2019 at Hancock County. Logue finished second, Whitehurst finished third, George Nordman was fourth and Alec Fett was fifth.

Chanse Hollatz grabbed the early lead in the Quick Performance IMCA Stock Cars 15 lap feature but just after the completion of lap one, the caution came out for Calvin Lange in turn three. Hollatz held on to the race lead until Derek Green took the top spot away on lap three. Green pulled away until a caution came out on lap 11 for Chad Palmer on back stretch. Green had Kyle Brown and Andrew Borchardt on his back bumper on the restart but he would hold them off to cross the line in first. Green was disqualifed in post race tech inspection so that gave the win to Kyle Brown. Borchardt, twelveth place starter Matt Speckman, Kevin Opheim and Kelly Shryock rounded out the top five.

In the MPM Marketing IMCA Hobby Stocks 15 lap feature event, it was the Nielsen Brothers from Spencer jumping out to the top spots. Cody Nielsen gave a push to brother Brandon on the start before making the move. Cody Nielsen took the top spot with his brother in tow until the caution come out on lap eight for Jay Sidles in turn four. Cody Nielsen held off challenges the final seven laps from his brother to take the win. Brandon Nielsen finished second, Tony Smidt was third, Zack Smidt was fourth and Drew Barglof was fourth.

Final feature of the night was the Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour IMCA Modifieds 30 lapper. After the initial start was called back, Youngster from Pahrump, Nevada Kollin Hibdon grabbed the race lead. Hibdon was followed by Richie Gustin and they pulled away from the rest of the field. Hibdon and Gustin caught lap traffic with six laps to go and that allowed Gustin to make the move as Gustin took the lead away on lap 25. Gustin pulled away and took his 11th tour win and his third tour win this year. Hibdon finished in the runner up spot. Track Champion Jeremy Mills came across in third, tenth place starter Kyle Brown was fourth and Travis Hatcher was fifth.

Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour is not finished this week as on Wednesday Night, they are at the "Beaver" Buena Vista Raceway in Alta and then on Thursday Night at the Kossuth County Speedway in Algona. Before the series takes a week off and returns to action on Monday August 5th at Clay County Fair Speedway.

The Hancock County Speedway continues its 25th Anniversary Season this Friday Night with the McNeese Tire & Auto and Communications 1 Network Hobo 100 Special featuring the now $4,300 to win IMCA Stock Car Shootout. IMCA Modifeds ($1,000 to win), IMCA Sport Mods ($750 to win), IMCA Hobby Stocks ($500 to win) and IMCA Sport Compacts ($200 to win). Pits Open at 5, Grandstands at 6, Hot Laps at 7, Racing to Follow.

Then the speedway will take a week off before Nights of Stars Weekend August 8th through 10th. IMT Transport 25th Annual Night of 1000 Stars on August 8th, Corteva Agriscience Night of 10,000 Stars on August 9th and Bob Shryock Memorial Night of All-Stars on August 10th.

For information about the Hancock County Speedway celebrating its 25th Anniversary check out HancockCountySpeedway.com or Like the Hancock County Speedway on Facebook.

Hancock County Speedway

Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour
Hancock County District Fair

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019

Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour IMCA Modifieds

Arnold Motor Supply A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 19G Richie Gustin (Gilman); 2. 48K Kollin Hibdon (Pahrump, NV); 3. 10 Jeremy Mills (Garner); 4. 21K Kyle Brown (Madrid); 5. 13H Travis Hatcher (Honey Creek); 6. 31 Corey Dripps (Reinbeck); 7. 175 Ethan Dotson (Bakersfield, CA); 8. 555 Ryan Ruter (Kanawha); 9. 26J Joel Rust (Grundy Center); 10. 5L Cody Laney (Torrance, CA); 11. 72 Austin Wolf (Algona); 12. 43 Derrick Stewart (Ainsworth); 13. 4TW Tim Ward (Harcourt); 14. 3 Kelly Shryock (Fertile); 15. 49K Cody Knecht (Whittemore); 16. 68 JJ Wise (Garner); 17. 24 Aaron Benson (Clear Lake); 18. 32 DJ Shannon (Merced, CA); 19. 777 Al Hejna (Clear Lake); 20. 11 Ethan Braaksma (Newton); 21. 22 Alan Bohlman (Cambridge, MN); 22. 99 Jesse Sobbing (Malvern); 23. 2 Nick Meyer (Whittemore); 24. 19 Brock Bauman (Eureka, IL)

B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. Laney; 2. Meyer; 3. Sobbing; 4. Hejna; 5. Bauman; 6. Braaksma; 7. 343 Jeff Feaster (Humboldt); 8. 10E Stacey Mills (Webb); 9. 7S Todd Stinehart (Waseca, MN); 10. 4 Cody Bauman (Eureka, IL)

B Feature 2 (10 Laps): 1. Doston; 2. Rust; 3. Ward; 4. Shannon; 5. Shryock; 6. Bohlman; 7. 9 Ben Kraus (Britt); 8. 009 Jason Asbe (Clear Lake); 9. 5B Bradie Becker (Burt)

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Benson; 2. Wolf; 3. Meyer; 4. Rust; 5. Ward; 6. Shryock; 7. Stinehart; 8. Brock Bauman
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Hibdon; 2. Hatcher; 3. Dripps; 4. Knecht; 5. Hejna; 6. Stacey Mills; 7. Becker; 8. Feaster
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. Stewart; 2. Jeremy Mills; 3. Ruter; 4. Dotson; 5. Braaksma; 6. Laney; 7. Bohlman; 8. Asbe
Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. Gustin; 2. Wise; 3. Brown; 4. Sobbing; 5. Shannon; 6. Kraus; 7. Cody Bauman

House Motorsports IMCA Sport Mods

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 00 Colby Fett (Algona); 2. 69JR Johnathon Logue (Logansport); 3. 49 Nate Whitehurst (Mason City); 4. 90 George Nordman (Mason City); 5. 08 Alec Fett (Thompson); 6. 25B Adam Bohlman (Hinckley, MN); 7. 24C Jim Chisholm (Osage); 8. 81 Jared Boumeester (Waseca, MN); 9. XXX Mathew Hanson (Klemme); 10. 24 Kent Haugland (Wesley); 11. 2 Ariel Mueller (Princeton, MN); 12. 33 Nicholas Carpenter (Leavenworth, KS); 13. 28 Autum Anderson (Mason City); 14. 32X Gerald Curry (Luverne); 15. 65J Josh Appel (Mason City); 16. 008 Drew Fett (Thompson)

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Alec Fett; 2. Colby Fett; 3. Curry; 4. Carpenter; 5. Boumeester; 6. Hanson; 7. Chisholm; 8. Drew Fett
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Whitehurst; 2. Logue; 3. Nordman; 4. Appel; 5. Bohlman; 6. Haugland; 7. Anderson; 8. Mueller

Quick Performance IMCA Stock Cars

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 21K Kyle Brown (Madrid); 2. 21 Andrew Borchardt (Plymouth); 3. 81X Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN); 4. 44K Kevin Opheim (Mason City); 5. 3S Kelly Shryock (Fertile); 6. 6 Chanse Hollatz (Clear Lake); 7. 14 Chad Palmer (Renwick); 8. 43 Calvin Lange (Humboldt); 9. 38C Kellie Drury (Eldora); 10. 2 Wayne Landheer (Thompson); 11. TNT2 Devin Tripp (Sioux Rapids); 12. 17 Austin Brands (Boyden); DQ 32 Derek Green (Granada, MN)

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Brown; 2. Green; 3. Palmer; 4. Borchardt; 5. Lange; 6. Brands; 7. Tripp
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Shryock; 2. Hollatz; 3. Opheim; 4. Drury; 5. Landheer; 6. Speckman

MPM Marketing IMCA Hobby Stocks

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 29N Cody Nielsen (Spencer); 2. T8 Brandon Nielsen (Spencer); 3. 32 Tony Smidt (Britt); 4. 81 Zack Smidt (Mason City); 5. 45 Drew Barglof (Sioux Rapids); 6. 55B Blaine Hanson (Klemme); 7. 18Z Zac Smith (Manly); 8. 83 Scott Dobel (Manly); 9. 27X James Burns (Algona); 10. 8 Kyle Sidles (Emmetsburg); 11. 35 Connor Smith (Garner); 12. 28 Jay Sidles (Emmetsburg); 13. 22 Myles Koob (Algona); 14. 3JR Jace Hanson (Klemme); 15. 81C Charlie Stevens (Algona)

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Zack Smidt; 2. Barglof; 3. Tony Smidt; 4. Blaine Hanson; 5. Kyle Sidles; 6. Jace Hanson; 7. Stevens; 8. Jay Sidles
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1.Cody Nielsen; 2. Zac Smith; 3. Dobel; 4. Brandon Nielsen; 5. Burns; 6. Connor Smith; 7. Koob

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